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Trim detail simplifies and enhances the completion of drywall.  Trim detail adds style and elegance to interior finishes. Trim detail is low in cost and can be easily applied.

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Custom Bullnose With Level 5                              Reveal Trim

½” Custom Bullnose – Specialty product created by Allen Drywall
1/2″ Custom Bullnose that simulates a more authentic plaster look. The advantage is a conventional 90˚ miter joined at the base and crown detailing, which makes the installation of wood trim simpler.

Standard Corner Bead or Regular Bead
90˚ square edge, most common outside corner.

350 Bullnose (5/6″)
This is another bullnose option, recommended for arches, made of rigid vinyl material.

¾” Bullnose
A metal corner bead with ¾” radius, popular choices in the 80’s, can be used with a kerf door or window detail.

1 ½” Bullnose
Another option made from rigid vinyl, also commonly used as an inside radius for cove detail.

J Metal
Used when drywall is flush with a finished material (i.e. concrete, wood or stone)

L Metal
Recommended to be used at the edge of drywall when butting to finish material

Square and Bullnose “Kerfs” Metals
For a flush finish on door and windows can be achieved by using a kerf bullnose or L metal which slides into jam.

Splay Metal (135˚)
Hard corner for 135˚ splay angle.  Used at bottom of coffered soffit.

Reveal Trims
Extruded aluminum moldings, creates a shadow or reveal look to your ceiling and walls. Made of durable recycled aluminum product that gives clean, crisp lines. Can be paint grade or with an anodized finish.

Foam Coves
To duplicate plaster coves, more cost efficient, comes in variable sizes.

No Coat Ultra Flex Structural Off Angle Corner
Used on all off angles for a crisp clean durable finish