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Drywall, sometimes called wallboard or plaster board, is comprised of a core of wet gypsum rock (hydrous calcium sulphate) that is sandwiched between two sheets of heavy paper. After the core sets and dries, the finished product is rigid and sturdy enough for use as a building material.  The drywall is applied to walls and ceilings as a preferred finish. Drywall is very durable and suitable for most types of decorative treatment. It provides fire protection and sound control, installs quickly, and is readily available.

Standard drywall panels range in thickness from ¼” to 1″ and typically come in 8′ and 12′ lengths that are 4′ wide. The thinner panels are used for both furring and radius conditions, whereas the thicker panels are for fire rated conditions and/or soundproofing. Other types of wallboard include green board (water resistant) for bathrooms, Dura Rock for showers, and Quiet rock for sound sensitive areas.

Allen Drywall also offers sound engineered drywall, which is installed on walls, ceilings and common/demising walls. It is a low cost fire rated product used in lieu of regular drywall. Sound engineered drywall is used in residential properties for sound absorption in home theaters, media and music rooms, children’s bedrooms and play areas. It is also used for similar purposes in medical facilities, hotels/motels, conference and meeting rooms, executive offices and factory and warehouses.

In an effort to lesson the environmental impact of its work, Allen Drywall uses drywall material that is composed of 14% recycled materials. Allen Drywall also recycles all scrap material.

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Drywall Before Taping